Together We Hurt, Together We Heal

Our Vision:

We are a group of people, brought together by the hurt of drugs visited upon a loved one, who want to heal our own family and prevent the same hurt in other families.

Our Mission:

To stop the hurt brought on by the illicit use of drugs through prevention, education and awareness, as well as heal the hurt already inflicted through intervention and treatment.

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Thank You!

Together We Hurt, Together We Heal offers a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who made our annual dinner such a success.  
Special thanks to Ginny U., Ryan U. and Josh Duggar for your authentic, encouraging words.

Upcoming Events:

Community Care March
  Sat., Nov. 1 @ 9:00 AM in New Washington
   Starting at the Am. Legion Hall (211 N Kibler)
   Ending at Buckeye Central (938 S Kibler)
   Speakers, Valuable Info, Free t-shirts & prizes.
   For more information, contact us.

Night of Hope
  To support addicts and their families
  through worship
  Sunday, December 7 @ 6:00 PM
  Galion Church of the Nazarene 
  (777 Fairview Ave, Galion

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  Through the AmazonSmiles program
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